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Become a TQA Rater

Minimum Requirements

Professionals and/or academics with advanced language skills are eligible for training to use the TQA Tool. A competency exam is used to determine rater proficiency in using the TQA Tool.  Spanish and Chinese raters successfully completing an on-line exam receive a certificate of achievement and are eligible to be listed as TQA Raters on this website. Raters for other languages are welcomed to attend although certification is not now available.

Live online training is scheduled contingent on enrollment:

Wednesday March 4, 2009
10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET)   

Registration Deadline Extended : February 28, 2009 5 PM (PT)
Only one Live on-line training will be offered.

The purpose of this course is to train TQA raters. The session will review the TQA tool and its design and how the TQA tool is used to evaluate translated materials. Participants must complete an application and meet minimum requirements. All participants accepted in the course will receive a training manual and be required to complete two evaluations using the TQA tool. Certificate of completion will be issued to participants demonstrating the ability to apply the TQA tool on test materials. Certified TQA Raters are eligible to be listed on the More Than Words website.  Hablamos Juntos does not act as an intermediary between certified raters and requesters seeking evaluations of translated materials. These negotiates are the responsibility of raters.

Course fee is not refundable for participants that do not achieve a Certificate of completion

Minimum Requirements

Participants in the training must meet minimum requirements. They must demonstrate through an application process advanced language skills obtained through education and/or professional experience.  Participants meeting minimum requirements will be enrolled in the course and notified by email with instructions for participating in the online training session.  Ineligible candidates will also receive notification.

Certificate of completion will be issued to participants that meet minimum qualifications and successfully apply rating skills on test materials.

Register on-line Now

Complete on line reservation and submit Course Application  on-line. Your application will be reviewed for minimum requirements and you will be notified of admission into the course by email, within 2 days.  If you are unable to access the web-based reservation form, please send an email to info@hablamosjuntos.org for help.

Registration Fee - $100

Pay on-line or by mail

Admissions approved?  Make payment on-line by credit card or check.  Payment must be received by 5 PM of the registration deadline. Make check payable to Regents of The University of California-Hablamos Juntos. Email info@hablamosjuntos.org with questions.  

Fee is non refundable. Click here for course application.                                                    

Course Cancellation

One or both of these courses could be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.  Please note preferred date and whether you can participate on either date.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that your schedule may change at the last minute and prevent you from participating in this course. If you must cancel your registration, a cancellation fee of 50% of class fee may be charged if your application has been reviewed and you have been notified of approved registration. You are responsible for paying 100% of the class price if you cancel five (5) business days or less prior to the class date.